Digital Art

Each print is numbered 1-15 and signed by hand

Price on Fine Art Paper, A2 size – 420mm-594mm, is 1.200 ILS or 350US$

This includes protected delivery to your personal address by Israeli Post.

The following works belong to a new series entitled “Two Realms”.  It is built out of the oppressive “Dark Realm” pictures, mostly in black and white, and of the exhilarating pictures of the “Bright Realm”, in full color.  This series is the artists’ reaction to the dark clouds (COVID, Putin and climate change) that weigh so heavily upon our lives.  At the time the series was created Noam was reading tragedies and comedies by Shakespeare, and was deeply touched by the fact that the very same materials provided the stuff for such opposite worlds. In a parallel way, Noam’s contorted arabesques allowed for totally contrasting forms of expression. Many of the figures seemed caught in the process of being formed, in becoming, not fully defined, caught in between two or more worlds.  Some of the pictures explicitly echo figures and situations from Shakespeare’s plays.