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January-February 2020

Artists' House  Kefar Sava - Curator: Galit Semel

"Downtown" has a special place in modern life.  That's where things happen.  That's where life is full, you meet surprising people, your consumer dreams come true, and you can be a perpetual tourist.  But downtown is also a place where life is distorted, and anonimity and loneliness are at their harshest.

In this exhibition, Omer presents contrasting views and experiences of downtown and suburbia.  Street scenes show the city center as a place that exercices an overwhelming pull, sucking in people from all directions.  But there is also a gallery of city types that evoke feelings of abandonment and decay. Downtown is thus glamorous and frightening at once.  The other side of our attraction to the city is our nostalgia to the suburbs.  Omer's depiction of downtown is contrasted by a  dream of suburbia, in which, with a touch of poetic irony, even the electric poles and cables become sources of nostalgic yearning.

Omer's downtown can be found in every city, or even small town which pretends to emulate its larger sisters.  In all of them, tall buildings, shining street signs and traffic noise threaten to overwhelm the individual. The noise and glare of the city are conveyed by stark and constrasting colors, reminding the viewer of the German expressionist tradition. However, suburbian nostalgia is not offered as an answer.  Omer places the "flower-tree" at the center of his suburbian fantasy right above a row of shining cars that allude to the materialist dream of its pastoral heart.

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