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Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv - Curator: Tova Osman

Tango is a realm in which song and dance are one. And this in a paradoxical way: for the songs tell us of broken hearts and hopeless yearnings, whereas the dance tells us of inseparable couples. This tension is highly characteristic of Noam Omer's art. Omer creates images that are suffused with the lonely melancholy of tango lyrics. And yet, he brings us ever so close to the dream of the perfectly matched meeting of this impossible dance.

Omer finished his studies at the "Midrashah" six years ago.  Since then he has had eight individual shows in Israel and abroad, besides participating in a number of collective ones.  He has had an individual exhibition in the Kolvenburg Museum in Germany, which has hosted exhibitions of drawings by Picasso, Dali and Beuys.  He has also exhibited in the Kibbutz Gallery, Artists' House, Yanko-Dada Museum and Eretz Israel Museum.

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